Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Juicy News!

So The Juice Station is finally up and running! Many of you may have seen our Sector 5 launch pictures on facebook. If you haven't you can check them out here. We've received an enthusiastic response so far and lots of great feedback. We were truly overwhelmed by the emails we received from so many of you congratulating us on launching TJS. We received some feedback as well including suggestions on what we could add or change and we're already working on it. 

We definitely want to keep hearing from you! So for those of you who haven't written to us yet, if you've seen our cute little juice van parked in Sector 5, do stop by to try our drinks and write us your feedback, or if you've tried our drinks already, even better - we'd love to hear your experience! You can email us at info@thejuicestation.co.in or leave us a Facebook message. A lucky person among you will receive a customized The Juice Station (TJS) coffee mug (of course to have more juice:)).

Till our next post, hope you stay juiced up!:)

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